News : China`s distortion for Korean history

Goguryeo conference to convene at Harvard (2005-3-30)

Chinese Ambassador Criticizes Japan (2005-3-20)

Ministry to Take Actions Against History Distortion by Japan, China (2005-3-6)

[Editorial] History Distortion (2005-3-6)

Will history do justice to Zhao and June 4? (2005-1-27)

Korea`s overseas investment jumped in 2004 (2005-1-27)

China`s Goguryeo stamps draw fire (2004-12-4)

[Editorial] Toward an East Asian Community (2004-12-2)

[Cultural Kaleidoscope] A Korean in Beijing (2004-12-1)

S. Korea leads Asia in UNESCO survey (2004-11-10)

S Korea titled 8th in high-tech rankings (2004-11-8)

China`s Goguryeo motives probed (2004-10-27)

[Editorial] Hu as military chief (2004-9-21)

S. Korea to File Complaint with China over History Dispute (2004-9-17)

'Koguryo Was Sovereign State': North Korean Media (2004-9-14)

`Beijing Asked for Deal on Gando' (2004-9-12)

Territorial disputes between Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing growing (2004-9-10)

Nationalism fuels Asian history row (2004-9-8)

Koguryo Is Korean History, Says Chinese Textbook Editor (2004-9-7)

[A Reader`s View] Ancient Goguryeo Kingdom (2004-9-7)

Major U.S. Newspapers Laud Korean Film 'Taegukgi' (2004-9-4)

China Concerned at Rift with S. Korea Over Ancient Kingdom, Seoul Official Says (2004-9-3)

[Editorial] Air route to Taipe (2004-9-3)

[Commentary] Koguryo or Goguryeo ? (2004-9-1)

China's Nationalism Warps Koguryo History (2004-8-30)

President Roh Regrets China's Claim to Old Kingdom, Urges Measures (2004-8-27)

[Editorial] Uneasy truce on history (2004-8-26)

China's No. 4 Man to Visit Seoul Thursday (2004-8-25)

Skepticism lingers over history issue (2004-8-25)

Beijing Backs Off in Koguryo Dispute (2004-8-24)

Strain in Seoul-Beijing Ties (2004-8-24)

Korea-China ties : 12 years mark gains but challenges loom (2004-8-24)

Korea Invests More in China Than Japan, US (2004-8-24)

Hidden motives behind China`s `Northeast Project` (2004-8-24)

[Editorial] China`s misguided nationalism (2004-8-13)

Seoul orders check for history distortions (2004-8-12)

Government, party to form panel on Goguryeo (2004-8-10)

Korea fights to keep Goguryeo from China (2004-8-9)

[Editorials] History war with China (2004-8-9)

China ministry takes unclear step as Korea steps up history protest (2004-8-6)

[Editorial] Contest over kingdom (2004-7-5)

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